STREETS OF RAGE 3 / Sega / Genesis

If you've ever fantasized about brawling your way through a rave, Streets of Rage 3 is your game.

In this outing, Max the wrestler has been dropped in favor of Robogeezer but otherwise it's very similar to Streets of Rage 2.


Most people seem to say they like Streets 2 better, but I kind of prefer this one. I think the biggest problem with Streets 2 was that in the later levels you get hit with too many of the same repetitive tedious-to-kill enemies. There's less of that here, and I think the levels are a little more creative.

Yeah I'd say the graphics and music are pretty similar but the level design is a little more interesting here. They even have a non-linear part at the end where you have to search different floors to find this kidnapped guy and hit switches to release him from his cell.

The adjustable difficulty is better here, there's more of a customizable range. And they managed to sneak Snatchers in somehow too.

Only problem with this is that in English markets we'll get the censored version, which means no Hard Gay as the first level boss or as a secret playable character. We've taken screenshots of the Japanese version though, so you can see him in all his glory.

Wonder if they'll be cutting him from the Japanese re-release, since the official reason was that it was an offensive stereotype?

Dude, it's Japan. They still think racism and homosexuality are hilarious comedy staples. I'd bet my Spread Shot they don't.

You also get the weird switched clothing colors, not that that really affects anything. And they made the plot all extra confusing in the English version. Otherwise, the game isn't really much different.

If you're into two-players brawlers, it's a pretty good one.

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