SPLATTERHOUSE 2 / Namco / Genesis


So uh ... Splatterhouse 2 is kinda like an extra levels pack using the original Splatterhouse engine

Yeh pretty much, Rick puts on the Terror Mask yet again and goes back to the mansion in an attempt at some Hollywood happy ending where he can somehow save Jennifer

Well, despite all that, and the fact that the game is just as stiff and clunky as the first installment was, and that it's basically a dumb blood-and-guts fest that doesn't even have particularly good or original level design ... it's strangely entertaining anyway

I think that's mostly due to the creative graphical effects throughout the levels and the boss fights, and the soundtrack which is actually a pretty top-notch ambient horror work given the limits of the Genesis sound chip.

Yeah, so, horror fans might actually really get into this one, even though taken sheerly as a side-scroller it's pretty mediocre.

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