SONIC 3D BLAST / Sega / Genesis

This game ... is not 3D.

Yeah, it's actually from an isometric perspective, similar to Super Mario RPG. Has that similar plasticy rendered look as well.

Sonic really isn't the best choice for an isometric game. Sonic basically does all the stuff he does in the 2D games, and there are little speed boosters and loop-de-loops here and there, but rarely do you go fast for any extended period of time.

Nope. Mostly you just jog around kind of casually.

The game has you running around killing enemies in each area, trying to find the ones that revert to little animal buddies. Once you find them, they follow you around and you have to deliver them to some sort of ring mystery vortex, where you toss them in (possibly to their demise, I'm not sure).

Every now and then you fight some lame version of Robotnik as well.

Yeah, for a game that requires you to hit a bunch of enemies to proceed, hitting them sure doesn't work very well. The perspective makes it hard to see where Sonic will land from a jump, that and when you do the spin dash you often go flying off in some direction other than the one you were originally pointed in.

Despite the controls being a bit slippy and inaccurate the game is still ridiculously easy, it's almost like something for really young children.

It's really pretty boring, I'm not sure why Sega bothered bringing this one back from the grave...

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