Shining In The Darkness was a lot more interesting back in the day when we didn't have so many other RPGs floating around (I'm talking about the pre-SNES era here). It has more visual flare and a much better (cuter) presentation than the average dungeon crawl, but at it's roots, it's really just another dungeon crawl. Aside from a small hardcore gamer subset that is still into these things, the first-person dungeon crawl has largely been outmoded and abandoned. And there's good reason for that, as it has many flaws that Shining In The Darkness shares fully in - tons of level-grinding, repetitive combat, and the need to make your own maps using graph paper (the in-game dungeon graphics are simplistic and nearly all the walls look the same). The game definitely has its points - cute graphics, a sense of humor and very decent music among them. Unfortunately with the plethora of other gaming options available to you now, even just on the Wii alone, I see no real compelling reason to drop bucks on this one when a lot of the playtime is spent on boring, repetitive grinding.

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