SHINING FORCE 2 / Sega / Genesis

Shining Force 2 basically runs on the same engine the first game did, but it institutes a number of small improvements.

Yep. There's an overworld now, with semi-random battles for your grinding pleasure (though you can also abuse the Egress spell still, if you prefer). It's also longer, has more characters, and a somewhat improved story (though that's still really not the game's stong point).

The graphics and music are both very similar to the original game, but I thought this game had a better soundtrack. The tunes weren't bad in the first game, but they are a higher caliber here, and replace some of the annoying sound samples that were used in the first game.

We do have to face the fact that it's a pretty old game at this point, and strategy RPGs have surpassed it. It's kind of on the simple and easy side, but it's still a godfather of the strategy RPG genre and for good reason. Definitely check this one out if you enjoy these types of games.

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Shining Force 2 Symphonic Suite (mp3)