ROLLING THUNDER 2 / Namco / Genesis

Well today seems to be "Disappointing Sequels to Badass Games Day" ... here's Rolling Thunder 2 for the Genesis.

Also known as Peg and Al Bundy V.S. The Space Terrorists. The designers didn't seem to understand that what made the first game wasn't so much the gameplay, but the dark tone.

Yeah and they completely dropped that here in favor of some sort of weird Miami Vice/Anime/Get Smart combination.

It's not that the game is actually all that bad, it's just merely OK where the original was Awesome.

Yeah I think the difficulty is a bit more unbalanced here ... however, if you really enjoyed the first Rolling Thunder this one could provide you with some fun. And it has a two-player mode.

                           "Aaaaal, I wanna have sex!"
                                  "No, Peg."

Videos :

Gameplay Video