PULSEMAN / Treco / Genesis

This is a really rad platformer which was an early project for some of the design team that went on to do the Pokemon series. No worries if you don't dig Pokemon though, this game is definitely on the cute side but is a fairly badass platformer more in the tradition of the early Mega Man games than anything else.

Pulseman kinda looks like a cuter version of Zero from Mega Man X. He swings a kinda swordlike energy beam, and if he runs for a short stretch he generates static cling which allows him to bounce around for a little while as an invincible energy ball. The feel of the game is a bit like Sonic the Hedgehog, except this isn't quite as fast and is actually fun to play.

It's a touch quirky and difficult at first, but you get used to the controls and the flow of the game in fairly short order, and then it's all gravy as you enjoy the creative and colorful levels and boss battles. It's not really necessary to understand Japanese to play and enjoy this one, so hopefully Nintendo will slide it over here to the West at some point.

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