PENGO / Sega / Genesis

I had kind of high hopes for this one because I liked the original Pengo, despite it being somewhat clunky and frustrating, and I hoped this would be an advancement.

Yeah but after playing it, now you can see why it got such a limited release and no one has ever heard of it before. The "upgraded" Pengo is even stiffer and more annoying than the arcade original.

The game now has a "story mode" that plays like a cheap take on Bomberman. I wasn't even clear what the hell the goals were in the levels as the enemies keep respawning, and I smashed all the little igloo things with no effect. Pengo moves stiffly, takes corners stiffly and shits out his little ice blocks behind him now which is annoying.

There's also a "battle mode" which is just like the Story Mode but with two players trying to slam each other with ice blocks. You can play co-op in Story Mode but it doesn't really add anything to the experience.

I spent more time playing the original Pengo in this one, which is emulated perfectly and available from the main menu at the start.

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