MOONWALKER / Sega / Genesis

Oddly enough, Moonwalker looks like it was built on the Shinobi engine - no ninja stars, Mike does glitter kicks instead, but the focus of each level is finding and rescuing tied-up children before proceeding to a boss encounter. The story puts Mike up vs Mr Bad or whatever and his gang of 1920s bootleggers. You go through this random club and find little girls hidden behind doors, later on you do the same in other levels such as a parking garage and a spider-infested cavern. Aside from the aforementioned glitter kicks, you can push up for a random crotch thrust at any time should you feel the need, and "dance magic" replaces ninja magic to get all your foes dancing themselves to death.

The game basically offers no challenge whatsoever in the early levels, as the enemies are all stupid and weak. The only challenge is not getting bored as you tediously fish around opening all the doors to see if there is some kid tied up behind them. All of this is set to bad FM versons of 4 of his songs which are rotated through all the levels. Later on, the enemies are still pretty dumb, but the levels become much more sprawling and the game finishes up with this completely random 3D space shooter level that reminded me of the conclusion of Space Quest 3.

Anyway, the game isn't as bad as say, groping children, but it's still pretty bad. One highlight is the enemies flying off the screen in hilariously stiff style when you hit them, they immediately lay down flat as a board with no animation and then just slide off in some random direction. Other than watching that happen though, I didn't find a whole lot of value to this one.

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