MADDEN 96 / EA / Sega Genesis

Madden '96's biggest addition is a Combine mode that serves as the new way to create characters - you play a series of shitty mini-games like running through tackling dummies and covering receivers to determine the stats of a new character, and either you'll really get the hang of it and create overly beastly characters, or not get the hang of the games and be unable to create anything but shit characters. It's an interesting concept but in execution it just doesn't work out very well.

Madden '96 also features some dude named Reggie who apparently won a Madden tournament where the grand prize was to be immortalized in video gaming history by forcing gamers to look at his ugly digitized mug every single time they turn on the game. Bad call there, EA.

Gameplay is basically the same as '95 so all the problems present there are still here for the most part. You're also still playing as the All Negro League, there's no skin tones other than dark black.

Pat Summerall has been added to the digitized commentary, but he's restricted to simply announcing the down and scores. Also still has that obnoxious FOX music every time you fire the game up.

The roster is initially devoid of bonus teams other than the All-Madden, but you can unlock a historic classic team by beating the game with their regular team. In a lulzy oversight, you can abort a game at any time, and as long as you have a lead at the time you win automatically.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video