MADDEN '93 / Electronic Arts / Sega Genesis

There's still no NFL or NFLPA license, but this was the first of the series to have the digitized voice of Madden - they really focused on making his samples clean and clear, though he just interjects some random catch-phrase after big plays or big hits.

Still no season mode, or anything really beyond playoffs and exhibition, but All Time teams for each franchise have been added to the roster, featuring (some EA guy's opinion of) the best players at each position on each team since its inception. There's also some historic great teams like Pittsburgh '78 or the Giants '86, but only a small handful at this point. You can also have a special playoff mode with the All Time teams.

They basically recycled the gameplay engine, it's largely the same as the previous two games. It just adds a no-huddle option, and occasional digitized taunt from the defenders.

Madden '93 really was no significant improvement to the series, and was just content to tread water with new rosters and sell on the gimmick of Madden's voice.

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