MADDEN '92 / Electronic Arts / Sega Genesis

This is very much a rehash of the previous game, with mostly small cosmetic differences. A digitized Madden gets in there now for detailed team breakdowns rather than generic text prior to each matchup, but he tends to say the same stuff over and over, and digitized voice wasn't added to the game yet.

Playoff mode has been fixed - you can use any team now, but there's still no season mode. There's also still no NFL or NFLPA license, although the team colors are more accurate now. I can't recall if the first game actually had all the NFL cities of the time represented, but if it didn't, they are now.

There's a few new formations like the 3-4 on defense (which was sorely missed in the first game) and the run-n-shoot offense, but for the most part the gameplay is virtually identical, so it still has the same strengths and weaknesses - it's easy to pick up and play, but get ready for some frustration in the passing game with the "window" system and interference rarely being called, and it still takes players too long to get on and off the field and for the computer to call plays.

On the whole only a tiny step up from the first game, but I suppose it was a step in the right direction.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video