LANDSTALKER / Sega / Genesis

Landstalker is an action-RPG that is somewhat Zelda-like, but from a unique isometric perspective.

Yeah, if you've played Super Mario RPG that's a good point of comparison. Except you swing a sword instead of stomping on Shyguy heads.

Watching the automated introduction, it might look like it's going to be way too hard with all the crazy jumping that the computer does. But, it actually doesn't have too many sequences that are that intense.

Yeah, actually combat is more of a problem than jumping in this game. Enemies don't bounce back when you hit them, and a lot of them take off three hit points at a time (when you begin with only about eight). The game also likes to throw you into ambushes, for example going up a flight of stairs to suddenly find yourself surrounded by ogre gang rape squad.

Enemies randomly drop these things called EikeEikes, which are basically extra lives, and you get a decent amount of them but it still takes quite a bit of effort to come to grips with the combat in the game, and lining up jumps is still pretty tricky in a lot of spots.

Yeah, the game can be fun, but it definitely takes some investment of effort on your part and you have to overlook some sloppiness in the gameplay.

It was made by the Shining Force team (Climax), so it has a similar art style and the music is extremely familiar (the first overworld music sounds like outtake version of the Shining Force 2 overworld theme).

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