GOLDEN AXE 3 / Sega / Genesis

Well here's Golden Axe 3, third in a series that probably should have ended at Golden. Or Gol. Maybe just G.

You will not find many big fans of the Golden Axe around here, despite the nostalgic place it holds in many people's hearts. However, I actually think Golden Axe 3 is a slight step up from the original Golden Axe.


It is a bit more playable. It has some janky control / hit detection issues but overall I thought it was actually a little smoother and less repetitive than the original game. This one gives you some new characters and new moves to work with. Crazed dwarf Gillius Thunderhead has retired to an advisory capacity and in his place are two newcomers - some panther-man dude and a burly barbarian guy.

Yeah I actually don't like what they did with the chick, they made her way too buff and totally neutralized any hotness she had. I mean, look at her when she's like sitting down or squatting. Euch.

The moves are mostly welcome additions though. You've got basically all the old moves, but the attack+jump move is faster and improved for most of the characters. The magic system is also a little less "all or nothing" than it was in the original.

There's also multiple paths through most of the levels, but there's still not a whole lot of replay value to this one. It's actually a little too easy and you'll probably romp right through it the first time you play it.

Yeah, and while it's at least an average beat-em-up, who has time for average beat-em-ups when there are so many other good gaming options out there?

Well said. I don't think Golden Axe 3 is terrible, but it's just too boring and uninspiring to really be worth the time and money.

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