GOLDEN AXE 2 / Sega / Genesis

Well here we are with the second edition of Golden Gang Rape.

Not much is new here from the first time out, except the graphics are maybe a bit sharper, and Tyris Flare seems to have gotten some silicone at both ends.

Same old boring grinding hack-and-slash engine where they spew out a gaggle of enemies at you, and while you slowly hack away at one there's two others shoving clubs and swords up your bum.

Yep more waves of tedious clone enemies with tons of HP, complete with tons of cheap hitting bosses as well.

And another boring soundtrack to boot. And those annoying little magician guys that have some tiny little pixel cluster of collision detection, so you keep frustratingly swinging right through them.

Even though this game is about as tedious as the first one, it actually is a little easier unless you crank the difficulty up in the options menu. Part of that is the way they handle magic in this one, where you can stockpile a ton of spells instead of blowing your whole load all at once.

Yeah I mean unless you have some serious nostalgia trip for these games I don't see any reason to bother with them.

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Worst Bosses Ever