GHOULS N GHOSTS / Capcom / Genesis (1990)

If you've happened to play the other offering on the Wii VC in the Ghosts and Goblins and Ghouls and Whatever series, that being Super Ghouls N' Ghosts for the Super NES, you'll probably be leery of this one (and rightly so) due to the ridiculous difficulty, slow pace and repetitiveness of that other one. Well, this earlier release for the Sega Genesis is actually a better game ... though it's still fiendishly difficult, the gameplay is noticeably faster and smoother and it feels just a little less cheap. Practice mode also gives you infinite continues, so you don't have as many long crazy stretches to run through every time you die. Since it's a Sega Genesis game and not subject to Nintendo of America's over-the-top censorship, it's more free to be it's dark and demonic self. Fans of the Badass Side Scrollers may actually want to give this one a look ... you need to have a taste for hard games and morbid graphics, though.

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