FLASHBACK / U.S. Gold / Genesis

Flashback is a cousin to games like Out of this World and Prince of Persia that use rotoscoped animation in a mix of action, platforming and puzzles. Personally I think it's the best among the rotoscoped games of the late 80s / early 90s, with better play control (greater range of movement and abilities) than the others. Not to say it's without its flaws, but it's definitely a good one and the Genesis version is the version of choice amongst all the ports that were made.

The story takes place at some point in Earth's future, and you are a dude named Conrad who has lost his memory but is being pursued by these violent alien things. As it turns out the game has a sort of "They Live" type story where Conrad invented some glasses that can scan the molecular density of what they look at, and thus accidentally discovered that there were incognito aliens mixed in amongst the human population.

                    Now get your ass to Mars.

The plot may come across as a bit contrived and laughable at times (like when you have to get to New Washington from some jungle by jumping in a giant hole, but you need an anti-gravity belt to do it, and fortunately some random hobo sitting right by the hole can sell you one ... guess Deadly Jungle gets a lot of tourists). But the game is a fun hybrid of action and PC style adventure. It's a bit easy at first as the alien guards you encounter are hilariously inept and tend to shoot each other more often than they do you, but later you run into the Morphing Badasses who put up a fiendish fight.

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