CRACK DOWN / Sega / Genesis

I bet a lot of other websites that are talking about this game are going to say something about "Metal Gear elements" because you can press up against walls.

Yeah, but that's really the only tie the game has to Metal Gear and it's a pretty shaky one. Also, the wall pressing doesn't work all that well in this one, sometimes you randomly keep popping back up off the wall which is not good when you are trying to dodge bullets.

Well, that's because these are fake commandos who obviously do not have real training. I mean they have breasts for cripes sake, look at the picture beneath us.

Anyway, I would say the gameplay is really more of a cross between Berzerk and Gauntlet. Trying to compare this to Metal Gear is a stretch and a half.

Yeah Berzerk is really the game this is based on. And it's basically a long string of peek-a-boo battles where you try to line up with some enemy and squeeze a shot off while getting out of the way of their return shot. I don't know about you but I find this unmanly and also not a lot of fun.

The graphics are almost like something from the NES, and then the whole game takes place in like 1/4 of the screen. Couldn't the map have been shrunken and the playfield expanded? And do we need a whole 1/4 of a screen just to give us the names and biographies of the enemies?

"Chuck Guts. Flame Thrower. Likes Metallica. Age 31. Hometown Long Beach, California." Thanks for all the background info game, I always like to know who it is I'm blowing up with grenades.

Well I think this game sucks but all the recent hubbub over the 3D Crackdown game will probably give it some undeserved popularity.

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