CONTRA : HARD CORPS / Konami / Genesis

It should be noted that I only give this game a mediocre rating based on the fact that the difficulty is just way too high for most people to be able to enjoy it. It really is an awesome run-and-gun, with a lot of great graphical effects and boss fights (I think the Treasure team worked on this one right before they jetted to form their own company). Unfortunately with no selectable difficulty, and a maximum of only three lives (with five continues from the mid-point of each level), and being a one-hit-and-you're-out game in typical Contra style, and the frenetic pace and overwhelming volume of tough enemies the game throws at you, most people will probably be fed up and quit by the second level (if you're really not good at action games, you probably won't even clear the first level).

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Game Genie codes to tone the difficulty down to a reasonable level

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