ATOMIC RUNNER / Sega / Genesis

Run! Chelnov! In this really horrible run-n-gun game.

Chelnov takes on the Deathtarians (they run for office every four years on the Unity Through Death platform ... maybe you've heard of 'em) in this game that is like Contra with the brakes disabled ... and most of the play control too.

Yeah Chelnov refuses to stop running for some reason ... it's one of the only shooting games I've seen that's stuck in auto-scroll mode the whole time. The shitty thing is, you can only shoot straight forward and diagonally upwards in front of you. And enemies are constantly behind you, under you, etc.

Yeah all you can do is jump around a lot and hope for the best.

The graphics are lame, almost 8-bit quality and the sound is no great shakes either.

Videos :


* Gameplay Video