ALISIA DRAGOON / Game Arts + Sega / Genesis

I like Alisia Dragoon, but odds are fair that you won't, and it's understandable if you don't. It's a masochistic, punishing run-and-gun with a unique style.

Alisia is a sorceress of some kind who shoots homing lightning rays at enemies, and also has four familiars of which one at a time can be selected to hover around you and automatically attack foes. With these powers it might sound like the game is cake, but Alisia's lightning quickly sputters out if fired for too long, and you have to run around defenseless for a couple seconds while it recharges. The game also constantly throws swarms of small enemies at you from all sides, which Alisia's lightning often has trouble eliminating completely before at least a few of them reach you, and it also likes to spawn enemies right on top of you. Enemies also make the most of the fact that they can cause you damage by colliding with you, coming directly after you and hovering around over top of your sprite until killed.

The game has its fair share of cheesy stretches where you are just bombarded with more than you really should be expected to handle, yet I still had a good time with it (albeit using saved states at the beginning of every level -- there's a very finite amount of continues that you have to find hidden in the levels, if you're going to be playing this on a Genesis cartridge it might just be more hassle than it is worth).

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