ALIEN STORM / Sega / Genesis (1992)

Alien Storm began its life as an arcade game, a game using the Golden Axe engine yet set in the present day and featuring a team of weirdo alien hunters or something taking on some extraterrestrial menace invading Earth. It was a silly game - your characters were carrying heavy weaponry yet decided to fight by swinging it around clunkily at the foes instead of firing it, except in the occasional first-person shooting level where you would thoroughly trash up a supermarket or Radio Shack in the name of alien eradication.

Despite its limitations it was some goofy fun for two or three players, thanks in large part to the crazy cinemas between levels and the bizarre ending. Well, all those fun qualities have been totally sucked out of the Genesis version. Instead of goofy cut scenes between levels it's now just some static screen of aliens chasing around jaundiced children, the graphics (which weren't stellar to begin with) have really taken a hit, and you can't even have multiple players. While the arcade original is at least good for a laugh, this version is just crap.

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