Fortunately this is not the Erotic Adventures of Batman and Robin, but rather based on some kids cartoon version of the Caped Crusader from the 90s that was popular with ... uh ... kids I guess.

Oddly enough the gameplay is a cross-up of Shinobi and Sunset Riders, with maybe even a little touch of the 16-bit Contra games to it. Before you get too excited by all those big names, however, it doesn't necessarily take the best qualities of all those games. Absolute scads of clone enemies just come pouring out at you constantly through the length of every level, and Batman and Robin (you can choose which one you want or go two-player) mostly are stuck with a stock of wimpy tiny shurikens (why not Batarangs?) to defend themselves with.

The sprite work is pretty good - the animation is particularly detailed and is easily the high point. The backgrounds, however, are kind of dark and generic, and have too many samey stretches. Combine that with the tons of clone enemies constantly pouring out at you - far more than Our Heroes are really equipped well to handle, and usually packing more attack power - and you get a game that by turns is usually repetitive and frustrating. The game defaults to giving you six continues, but you'll soon understand why it's so generous when you encounter the bosses, which are Contra: Hard Corps-esque in demanding that you memorize really precise patterns to survive and in taking ridiculous amounts of fire to go down.

Big fans of the old cartoon may enjoy that the levels are based on episodes from the show, and all the little details in the animation, but there's just no two ways around this being too tedious, repetitive and punishing.

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