You would think Apogee would have released this game as freeware by now, but if you visit the website they are still trying to turn a buck off it. Lol Apogee. At least you can still download the shareware version free from their site, haha.

Anyway, Wacky Wheels was a decent 1994 clone of Super Mario Kart for the PC. Not nearly as robust as Mario Kart, but a pretty passable alternative for the time. Most notable for the time were a surprisingly good MIDI soundtrack and modem-based play, even though in my own personal experiments the modem games always got de-synced and each person looked like they were driving all crazy to the other.

Links :

* Shareware download (only one set of tracks and two playable characters)

Videos :

* Gameplay Video
* Wacky Wheels Theme Live
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