The VGA remake of Space Quest adds an overlay of  very pretty (if sometimes lifeless seeming) graphics and a nice score by Mark Seibert and Ken Allen. It hews almost identically to the puzzles of the original release, adding only an optional item that lets you basically bypass the slot machine on Kerona, and a couple instances of easily-defeated copy protection that probably could have been done without.

The new mouse-driven interface does make the game play more smoothly, but it also makes an already simple game even simpler to solve. Additionally, the humor in this first Space Quest game wasn't quite as sharp as it would become in the later installments - this one has a more grim tone to it and mostly revolves around the myriad of gruesome deaths that Roger can experience (all of which have been lovingly upgraded in high-res VGA of course).

The game has its moments and on the whole is aesthetically pretty nice, but it's just too short and too easy to really be a top adventure game. It really only has four sequences -- escaping the Arcata, Ulence Flats, Kerona and the Sarien ship -- which are all self-contained and consist of only about ten screens each. This was also the first Sierra game to incorporate the dreaded Sierra Hang Ups (missing an item in an early area which kills you much later on in the game), and since the game hasn't really been changed at all those are still present. Most areas of the game follow the same simple formula -- Roger is confronted by some sort of death trap on each screen, and either you have an item in your inventory which obviously circumvents the trap, or you don't which means you have to go back and comb the previous areas (if the game allows you to, if it doesn't it's time to restore).

The original release can get some slack on these points for being basically the first sci-fi adventure of its kind, but more could have been done to extend the play value of this re-release beyond just giving it a fresh coat of paint.

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HTML Walk-through with all copy protection

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Some guy has all the deaths up on Youtube


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