Omnicron Conspiracy is kinda like Star Trek meets cyberpunk. You play as some dood named Ace Hunter or something, some two-fisted Man of Action and also member of the Star Police. Ace gets assigned to investigate the disappearance of a fellow officer and there's the usual intrigue with drug rings and intergalactic terrorism and conspiracies involving giant corporations and etc.

The game is a combo of adventure and action. You walk around, talk to people, and interact with stuff in adventure game style through an "action button" and a basic menu system, but you're also kitted out with a blaster that can be set to "stun" or "kill", and you'll have ample opportunity to use it in real-time as you'll get attacked by critters, robots and ne'er-do-wells during your journeys.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about it is that it has a very limited form of "sandbox gameplay" and amorality, years prior to Fallout and Grand Theft Auto. First of all, you're free to just wax anyone at all in the game with your blaster. You can go around systematically murdering every character in the game if you care to. This will cause security police to attack you on sight, however, and there's certain points on certain screens you can't walk onto without getting arrested. Getting arrested is the only way for the game to end - death for Ace only results in him getting beamed back aboard his ship for automatic repairs (in a fairly funny sequence.)

You can combine this freedom with the ability to buy illegal weapons to actually blast your way into end-game areas very early in the game, thus creating your own alternate puzzle solutions, technically. There's also hookers about that you can secks up for coin, though it's just the usual fade-in and fade-out, not even Leisure Suit Larry material really.

The downside to this freedom to be trigger-happy is that you get arrested for killing nearly anything "sentient" in the game - even rats, apparently. It's thus not often clear whether or not you are actually supposed/allowed to kill a character, which is necessary at some points in the plot.

The other things kind of bringing the game down are the slow pace at which Ace walks (which becomes painful if you die and have to re-tread ten or twenty screens to get back to an area), and the fact that it's really very short and kind of easy.

It's a colorful and frequently funny world for fans of all-too-infrequent cyberpunk games, however, and on the whole it's pretty well designed.

Links :

* Patch for DOSBox - Run this instead of the included .exe to get the game to launch
* Press "F" in-game to save and load
* Full walkthrough

Videos :

* Gameplay Video
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