Lure of the Temptress was one of Revolution Software's first games, and the first to use their "Virtual Theater" engine, which was an adventure game engine in the manner of those of LucasArts and Sierra but one where NPCs roamed about the world freely in real-time and could interact with each other "off camera" while you were busy with other stuff. It's a fantastic concept, but the inexperience shows in the execution with this one, as to make it work they had to restrict you to a pretty small game world with a limited number of characters that you can blow through pretty quickly.

It's a decent adventure while it lasts, though. Set in a medieval fantasy world, you play as Diermot, some sort of peasant who goes along with the King and his hunting party as a "beater" (I guess the guy who runs into the bushes and flushes out pheasants or whatever?) While out hunting, word comes to the King that some remote village got taken over by a young enchantress who raised an army of monsters, so the party rides off at full tilt to intervene. Diermot tries to get away but for some reason the horse falls in with everyone else, the King's party arrives to get epically slaughtered by a huge army of big troll things, and Diermot is one of the lucky few who survives to be captured and thrown in a dungeon with only some mild beatings and torture.

So, the whole game is to escape prison, explore the small part of the village available to you, and find a way to pwn the Enchantress. The troll army (Skrolls) are about, but usually they don't seem to care if you are underfoot. The only way to die in the game is to piss one of them off, then they own you with an epic Falcon Paunch to the face and you automatically restart.

The Virtual Theater concept is a neat one, but it actually isn't used to much effect here with the exception of peeping through some cracks and keyholes here and there to solve puzzles, and early on you get a serf who becomes your bitch-boy and who you can send to do all sorts of stuff for you (also needed to solve some puzzles.)

On the whole the game is fairly well-polished, but the Skrolls make for more comic enemies than anything else (since they usually just ignore you) and the Enchantress doesn't have near enough of a presence to be any kind of an intimidating foe, thus there's really little tension here. The puzzles are also fairly easy and that combined with the short length makes this one not last very long.

Couple of final important points of note - Revolution has released the game as freeware (link below), and there's a really awful bug in the game where if you don't hit restart (in the top-screen menus) right when you start a new game, key items never appear and you're stuck forever.

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* Freeware Download at scummvm

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* Gameplay Video

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