Boy, Lemmings used to be huge, but you really don't hear much about it anymore. I guess that's due to not having any remakes, except for that odd 3D one in the mid-90s, nor major refurbishments or even re-releases.

Has the game just become too old and simplistic? I don't think so. The early "tutorial" levels are boring and might be off-putting, but the later levels are a wonderful blend of action and (sometimes goofy) logic that still aptly demonstrate why this game was, at least at one time, on top of the PC gaming heap.

If you're REALLY young, this early 1990s puzzler has you attempting to lead a bunch of Lemmings to safety through numerous levels. The thing about lemmings is that they just sort of stumble blindly forward, and will happily walk to their deaths in pits, lava pools, meat grinders, etc. So it is your job, as a sort of unseen omnipotent presence, to get them through safely by assigning jobs to them. Each level gives you a finite amount of job slots, such as digging through walls or simply acting as traffic cop to keep other lemmings from walking off a cliff, and you have to figure out how to properly assign them in order to surmount all the obstacles. This is complicated by the fact that there is a constant stream of lemmings pouring across the level, so this is all done in real-time and you have to have keen timing as well as a good processor on your shoulders to get far with it.

Still worth a play for fun puzzles and epic chains of lemming explosions when things don't go quite right.

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