ENTITY / Loriciel / PC

Entity looks like one of those Psygnosis action games like Shadow of the Beast, but apparently it isn't by them. It stars some leather-clad Amazon babe, which I freely admit was the main reason I downloaded it. Unfortunately it just turns out to be a really stiff, clunky and primitive side scroller, albeit one with decent background graphics. Amazon chick shoots power beams out of her wristbands and can upgrade to spread shot and other typical shooter type weapons. She's apparently running through different eras of history killing everything that moves for lord knows what reason, and at the end of each level you get a close up of her posing in all her busty glory. That's really about all there is to the game, it plays like Mega Man with a 50% speed reduction, much crappier level layout and bad music. Don't bother with it.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video
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