YOSHI'S STORY / Nintendo / Nintendo 64

Ahh, the much maligned Yoshi's Story.

Probably the sole reason why Nintendo was widely bashed as being "kiddie" during the N64 years.

The first thing I noticed about it that drew my enmity was the atrocious soundtrack.

Yeah, it's really grating and annoying. The soundtrack reflects the overall tone of the game, which is so saccharine as to be nauseating.

Yeah ... the Yoshis and their "quest for happiness" by eating fruit ... bunch of filthy hippies.

Gameplay-wise, the control is similar to that of the excellent Super Mario World 2 : Yoshi's Island, but this game is nowhere near that level of quality. It's so simplistic and geared towards little kids that there's almost no challenge whatsoever.

I guess if you look at it that way, as a game for your little rugrats, it might work. Although the music and sound effects will probably drive you insane while they're playing it.

                 Good advice for little boys and girls

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