1080 SNOWBOARDING / Nintendo / N64

After the general awesomeness of Wave Race 64 I was highly disappointed by 1080 Snowboarding.

Yeah, maybe it's good if you have the patience to figure out all the controls and nuances, but it's definitely not something you can pick up and get right into. The controls are not intuitive at all.

Basically at outset you can only do tournament races, which is a one-on-one against another snowboarder, time attacks or "Trick Attacks" where you either endlessly do 180 Airs and fall on your face while desperately trying to figure out how to do something more awesome.

Yeah god knows what the button is to do the 750 Shifty Skeezy or whatever ... I didn't have the patience to keep enduring Fail after Fail to figure it out and there's no in-game tutorial of any kind.

The music is some hilarious corporate Japanese take on what I guess they thought the hip Western youth were into in 1998. Starting with some weird grumbly metal with vocals so distorted I can't even tell if they are in English or Japanese, to some guy repetitively yelling "Work Ya Body WorkWork Ya Body", the music is consistently annoying.

You start out with four trust fund kids you can play as lounging around the ski lodge, and I guess you can unlock more as you play, supposedly there's a pretty good range of characters.

Admittedly we're probably being too hard on it because neither one of us gives a damn about snowboarding nor had the patience to figure out the intricacies of the game engine. But that should tell you that it is not really for snowboarding noobs or casual gamers right there.

To say something nice ... umm ... the track graphics are pretty good when seen in high-res and there's a decent variety of backdrops.

Maybe if you're big into snowboarding, this one might be worth a shot. If you're new to snowboarding games I'd start with something easier to pick up and play than this one, it will probably frustrate you in short order as it did to us.

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