SIN AND PUNISHMENT / Treasure / Nintendo 64

Here's another Treasure import that "hardcore gamers" and related types of nerds jerk themselves off furiously over ... now Nintendo's made it available to the Western world for the first (official) time. How does it hold up to all the hype?

Um ... pretty well, actually, though don't expect it to change your life for the better or perform miracles.

It's an interesting "run and gun" game, where you see the action from an over-the-shoulder view ... the best comparison that I can think of is that old G.I. Joe arcade game. And what was that other one by Konami? Growl? Jackal? Cabal? It was one of those games, where you were some military nutcase running along blowing the shit out of everything.

Since Treasure was founded by ex-Konami employees, it was probably the same people involved for all three games.

Anyway, Treasure games seem to be good in inverse proportion to how confusing they make the control scheme. This one is actually laid out pretty well, so it turns out to be pretty fun.

You control the crosshairs with the game pad or stick, then use the shoulder buttons to run right and left. Double tapping a shoulder button makes you roll quickly in that direction. You can also double-jump, and B toggles crosshair modes to whether it "locks on" to a particular enemy or not.

Pretty simple, unique but not too confusing and easy to pick up.

They didn't translate the text in the game, but in the original all the voice-overs were in English with Japanese subtitles for some reason, so it's still pretty easily playable.

The game makes for an excellent arcade-style visual thrill ride. It definitely is worth playing through at least once, but I question how much longevity it actually has. After completing it once and seeing all the eye candy, I didn't really feel much impetus to play through it again.

A common issue with Treasure games. They never did get out of that "arcade" mindset.

So, I'm hesitant to say it's worth the premium price they are asking for it. There's definitely a heavier dose of style than substance here. But it is interesting, and pretty fun. One of Treasure's better games.

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