RAMPAGE : WORLD TOUR / Midway-Acclaim / N64

Rampage World Tour is a mostly-graphical update of 1980s arcade hit Rampage. Three hapless scientists get mutated into monsters in some nuclear meltdown, and now their lives consist of traveling across the world trashing major cities while attempting to avoid being killed by the military. Whilst punching the hell out of buildings, players can scarf down people on the street to replenish health, though this is all handled in a cartoony and silly way.

Aside from the graphical updates, there is now an overall goal of destroying laboratories all over the world, and you have some control over the direction in which you travel to these. The levels are all pretty samey, though; while they have unique background graphics suited to the setting, the buildings you have to smash down are almost invariably the same rectangular concrete structures over and over and over again.

The novelty of the game's premise quickly wears thin when the action is so repetitive. It's some minor fun for two players, at least for a bit, but ultimately it just doesn't have much new to contribute from the original Rampage other than better graphics. The play control is also pretty loose and slidey; mounting/dismounting from buildings, and figuring out where all you have to actually hit to take them down, can be a problem.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video