POKEMON SNAP / Nintendo / Nintendo 64

Pokemon Snap is like ... the weirdest rail shooter ever made.

Yeah, Professor Oak contracts your services to strap you into this weird Johnny Cab on rails, and try to shoot Pokemon as it carts you through various landscapes ... unfortunately, instead of blowing them to smithareens you're just taking pictures of them.

Basically you have to get pics of all the Pokemon types, and they're rated based on how centered they are in the frame, how close you are to them and the pose they are making in the photo. This doesn't leave a lot of room for creativity, basically you keep taking the same kinds of pics over and over again to please Prof. Oak's perverted desires.

It's slow paced, repetitive and not much fun. The fact that you have to keep riding the same rails through each course over and over, and that you keep taking the same types of pics of Pokemon, makes it get tedious pretty fast. There's also only seven levels, with a total of 63 Pokemon to photograph (half of the rosters of the Red, Yellow and Blue versions).

Only for the most hardcore of Pokemaniacs, everyone else can feel safe in taking a pass on this one. The Wii version has added the ability to save your pics outside the game and upload them to the Wii message boards, but that's not really enough to make the game compelling.

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Jack Nicholson Snaps Pokemon