PILOTWINGS 64 / Nintendo / Nintendo 64

Like its predecessor on the SNES, Pilotwings 64 was a launch title and served as a sort of tech demo for the raw unbridaled powars of the NINTENDOOO SIXTY FOOOOOUUURRR!! Unlike its predecessor, it has a little more depth, is a little less finicky on play control and is generally more fun to play.

The game takes place over an odd little island that looks like a combination of some medieval European village and an amusement park. Hangliding, the light plane and the rocket belt return from the first game to serve as the main activities here, but there are also a number of side games to unlock such as being launched out of a cannon, and the now-famous "Birdman" mode which gives your character an artificial set of wings and lets you just meander around the island and check out the scenery. In addition, with each new difficulty level that is unlocked, you usually get some new feature - the second hangliding mission has you taking pictures, and eventually the light plane can be outfitted with missiles.

Like most of Nintendo's launch titles, the textures are actually pretty nice, there are some nice wind and water effects and generally the whole thing has a very appealing look. Complementing this is a jazz-fusion soundtrack that is not outstanding, but is pleasant and relaxing, particularly the smooth-jazzy "Birdman" tunes that accompany you as you chill and explore the terrain.

The gameplay is a little smoother and more player-friendly than that of the original game, and the bonus play modes extend the value of it somewhat. This is a nice little game to pick up if you can get it on the cheap, making a pleasant anathema to the regular diet of FPSes and RPGs that we seem to get these days.

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