KIRBY 64 : THE CRYSTAL SHARDS / Nintendo / N64

We're usually up for a good Kirby game here, but this one is just too mediocre.

Yeah, it's decently executed but too simple, there's not enough meat to be worth paying for.

The levels are primarily 2D but with 3D characters and backgrounds. The 3D really isn't used to much advantage other than for some visual effects though, so what you end up with is really a bunch of 2D levels that are very simplistic and below the standards of the ones in previous Kirby games.

Yeah, and I know the Kirby games have always been geared towards kids and inexperienced players, but this one is just so simple and easy as to be ridiculous. Most of Kirby's basic powers are so overwhelmingly spammable, you don't even need to bother with the new 2-weapon combo system they've instituted.

On the positive side the game looks pretty good, and the little 3D animations between levels and before boss fights are a nice touch. There's some pretty good music too.

It's not a horrendous game, but I just don't think there's nearly enough to it to be worth dropping ten bucks on.

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