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Hello, and welcome to the first installment of Video Game Crossfire. From the Left, I'm Tung Fu Rue.


And from the Right, I'm Bill Rizer. It's good to see you all.

Bill, how about we get straight down to business here.

OK with me. Today we are taking a look at F-Zero X, which I posit is not only the best racing game on the Nintendo 64, but also the manliest.

Bill we don't always see eye to eye, but today I have to say I completely agree. The immediate, unapologetic and continual use of loud Japanese hair metal in the game's soundtrack alone makes it better than any other racing game for this system, and indeed perhaps any other game at all.

It also allows you to go flying off the track to your horrible death, and you can run out of energy and explode.

Indeed, and the fact that you can die fairly easily in this one does certainly add something to the adrenaline level that Mario Kart and Lakitu don't quite have. I'd like to address the graphics as well. They're very basic and stripped down, which as you know was an intentional move to allow thirty cars on the track simultaneously and to make the game whip along at a rapid 60 frames per second.

And that was absolutely the right move. The sense of speed as you whip around the loop-de-loops and rotate around cylinders and stuff is really what makes the game. And the backgrounds really don't look bad, it's just that they don't have much ornamentation and the car sprites are kind of flat and uninspiring.

I think we're in consensus, then, that this was one of the Nintendo 64's best games. The play control is pretty tight, it's a rush, it looks good and the music kicks ass. The only real question left for all the gamers out there is - should I drop ten bucks on this when I can get a copy of F-Zero GX for my Wii for probably around 15 dollars or less?

Well, that's highly debatable. F-Zero GX does have much prettier graphics and more bells and whistles, but it is questionable whether the gameplay is actually better. Furthermore, it has a techno soundtrack,  which instantly makes it inferior to this game regardless of those other issues.

Right, so fans of the butt blasting J-Rock may want to purchase this just for the soundtrack alone.

Of course, you can emulate F-Zero X pretty much flawlessly with Project 64. You can't emulate F-Zero GX just yet. So from a thrift standpoint, you may not want to shell the sheckels on this one.

But it's much more of a bitch to get multi-player going on a computer. Oh, and it's not legal either.

Good points. Well, one good point. The first one. The second one I could care less about.

Whatever you happen to decide, F-Zero X is about what gaming is supposed to be - fast, fun entertainment for up to four players. Oh, and the random track creator in this game is one of the better ones of any game ever, though you do have to go through a pile of crap to unlock it.

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