I'm assuming the inspiration for Zombie Nation came from some Japanese game developer watching Ghostbusters 2 while tripping balls on some serious acid, because it's basically the plot of that movie in reverse and with some even more bizarre elements mixed in.

Ok ... it's 1999 and some evil alien comes to earth and turns everyone into zombies with "magnetic rays", while also making the Statue of Liberty animate and stomp around for fun and luls. Some decapitated samurai head who lives in a shrine somewhere, and who looks a bit like Vigo the Carpathian, gets wind of this plot and floats out to America to do battle. He has only the ability to fly, spew bullets and blow chunks of I-don't-know-what from his mouth towards the ground, and he'll apparently have to take on the entirety of the American standing army as well as weird alien creatures.

The premise and bizarreness would make it decent along with the fairly high production values, if they just hadn't made it so ridiculously goddamn difficult. Samurai Head has 8 hit points, which seems a lot for a shooter, until you find out the electric beams and other random obstacles that pop up take away like seven of them if you collide with them once. You also only get one life, then that's it - start the whole game over from the beginning again. The frustration factor just overwhelms the good qualities of the game completely.

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