After the dizzying heights of F-Zero X, we now move on to the complete bullshit that is Wrecking Crew.


Yeah, honestly I've never even gotten past the first level of this game. You play as Mario running around some construction site with a hammer, trying to smash down all these walls and gym lockers that are sort of randomly scattered about. Meanwhile, a snake slowly chases him.

But if you smack this bomb, a door opens at the bottom. Then, when the snake walks past it his natural curiosity overcomes him and he enters.

Yeah, and then I guess since it's a cooler climate in the shade back there he spends the rest of the game there and becomes a non-factor.

So basically then you run around trying to figure out what the hell you are supposed to be doing until randomly spawning fireballs from the side of the screen happen to catch and kill you.

I really don't know what else you're supposed to be doing besides smashing down the walls and lockers, and I really don't care. This game is hell of boring.

Completely agreed. Don't waste your hard earned dollars on this.


* Gameplay Video