WILD GUNMAN / Nintendo / NES (1985)

If you've absolutely gotta have a Light Gun game, I'd take this one over Duck Hunt and Hogan's Alley. It's just as simple and gets old just as quickly, but it's more colorful and has more personality, and the targets shoot back adding at least a touch of excitement to it.

There's two main gameplay modes - you can shoot it out in a one-on-one (or one-on-two) gunfight with stereotypical Western villains who mosey onto the screen. According to good old-fashioned John Wayne rules you have to wait till they draw down to cap them, and the game shows a timer over each one's head of how long you have to blast them before they fill you full of lead. If they get ya, they flash evil Donkey Kong grins and then slide back off the screen to wherever it was they crawled out from and you're down one life.

You just keep going like this, racking up points for how fast you shoot the baddies, until they kill you dead three times. The other mode of play has you out front of a saloon with four windows and a door, and the gunmen pop up randomly at these outlets. It's pretty cute, but you'll probably also get bored with it pretty fast - unless you're the sort that fantasizes about showdowns at high noon.

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