SUPER C / Konami / NES

Now here we have a fine example of quality, manly video gaming.

Since it's apparently going to be impossible for you to be objective this time, I guess most of the work is going to fall to me. Super C might as well be called Contra : The Expansion Pack because it's basically eight more levels using the exact same engine as before, except you can run at 45 degree angles now. It also seems almost shockingly easy as compared to the brutal difficulty of the first game.

Well, that's all business, and marketing. There were a lot of complaints that the raw testosterone the first game exuded was just too high, so they scaled it back a bit. Overwhelming masculinity like this has to be eased into, it's just too powerful to take all at once.

You'll polish off a big enemy in this game and be like "Wow, that was a pretty easy sub-boss" only to find out that it was actually the level boss. There's a code for 10 lives (not the Konami code) and you get two continues, but even just three lives should be enough for most people to finish the game.

If you enjoy the heroic and patriotic gameplay of the Contra games but need to first sharpen your skills before you take on the extreme terrorist alien challenges of Contra 3 or the original game this is a good place to begin your training!

Yeah, it's pretty fun for two players but you might actually find yourself getting tired of it too quickly ... if you only have limited funds to invest in such things you should choose wisely...

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