STRIDER / Capcom / NES

The arcade version of Strider relied on graphical cutting-edgedness to sell, and obviously this was not even going to begin to translate to the NES well. So they re-worked the game to have more of an ongoing plot, to make the concept fit better on the NES. The game is basically a fusion of the arcade Strider ideas with the engine of Bionic Commando, and it appears that Capcom just kind of hacked the Bionic Commando engine to insert Strider clumsily rather than re-design it from the ground up. The result is somewhat clunky play control, collision detection that often doesn't seem quite right and randomly clipped-off jumps.

All that said, when the game isn't busy fucking up it is actually halfway playable, which is maybe a good 60% of the time. It is also one of the true masterpieces of Engrish in the NES library, with some hilariously classic lines. The gameplay is just good enough to barely qualify it as a Meh.

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