SPY V.S. SPY / Kemco / NES

                Enjoy our Russian dance!

OK the most important thing to know about this one is that you shouldn't even consider it unless you'll have a second player handy all the time, because 1 player mode is just utter tedium.

Even with two people it's only a limited sort of drunkard fun. You each play as one of the Spies in a split screen. You run around some little area trying to find a certain amount of items - briefcases, money bags, etc. When you get them all I guess you win, though I've yet to see a game where that has happened.

You have to search desks and closets and stuff to find these things, but you can also put traps in them which will kill the other person.

But, there's also a disarming tool for each trap. So if you see the other person set the trap you can disarm it.

If the two spies enter the same screen they can duke it out with crazy fisticuffs to the death. You can also pick up daggers here and there which give you a huge advantage in hand to hand combat.

It can be a trip to laugh over with a friend but ultimately it's pretty limited entertainment, and I don't know if it's worth spending money on.

That one 30-second song that keeps looping over and over certainly doesn't help its cause any.

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