Right on, good old River City Ransom. Fine, quality, manly brawling for one or two players, all set to a 1950s soda shop soundtrack.

Play as Alex or Ryan, or both. The back story is kind of vague but I think it's kind of a "The Warriors" type of situation, this guy Slick has all the gangs in the city mobilized to beat them down or something, and has kidnapped Ryan's girlfriend and holed up in the high school across town. So you have to beat your way on over there.

Aside from having a really fun and solid fighting system with a cute presentation, RCR has some elements that give it more depth than the average brawler. Interspersed amongst the punks there are shopping malls, where you stop in and buy various things that recharge your health, upgrade your stats and give you new moves.

This game is great fun, although it's definitely on the short side and for one player it might not take too long to get old. It's always a riotous time for two players though. It did have some seriously long and annoying passwords, but I guess with the save states on the Wii that's not going to be too much of an issue.

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