POOYAN / Data East / NES

Argh, the hideous shriek of Pooyan!

Yeah, actually I think that's his wolf enemies ... but that's probably the most bloodcurdling scream I've heard the NES sound chip turn out.

Anyway, this is a simple old arcade game, but actually pretty cute and clever. The Pooyans are this ... marshmallow ... pig race or something, and the wolves are kidnapping their children for dinner. So the chief Pooyan or whatever goes off to hunt 'em all down with his arrows.

You're in some weird basket that moves vertically, and you have to stop an onslaught of wolves riding balloons from reaching your position by shooting them down. Meanwhile, they lob things at you that you have to dodge or block using the roof of your basket. You can let a few of them get through, but in some levels it restricts how far you can move, and once you let four or five of them through they overrun your position and it's Pooyan steaks for dinner at the wolf camp tonight.

This one is actually pretty fun. I think it had an English release, and even if it didn't there's virtually no text in the game anyway. So we may see this one appear on Western shores at some point, and it may actually be worth picking up if you like 80's-style simple arcade fun.

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