This was basically the first of the Mario Golf games, naturally the most primitive (even more so than the Gameboy Color one), and I really don't like it. You're basically stuck golfing as a sort of odd looking Mario in pink and black striped overalls, whether you like the lug or not. The direction you hit the ball in and club selection is basically handled automatically, though you can change them if you want ... but there's no trajectory meter as there is in later games so it's pretty much total guesswork as to where the ball will wind up. Basically your participation in this one is limited to stopping the sliding power bar at the right time ... but the thing swings around so wildly even that modest task is hard to keep up with. I don't like the play control, there's little actual gameplay, the graphics are ugly and the music is annoying. You can keep this one Europe, we don't need it. Thanks anyway buds.

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