Stop humping the punching bag Cody, trouble is afoot

Mighty Final Fight is a very cute, but also very repetitive, "super deformed" re-imagining of Final Fight. The plot is basically the same, except the Mad Gears leader has now fallen in love with Jessica and kidnaps her to have her all to himself. This sends mini Guy, Cody and Haggar out to the streets to combat similarly miniaturized punks in a style more similar to that of River City Ransom (though not nearly as good) than the original game. The gameplay has also been downsized a bit, as each character has only a Fists of Fury punch attack as well as a throw and a jumpkick, and the expected two-button special that costs you some life. The levels are very different from those of the original game, and there's an almost completely new soundtrack that sounds quite a bit like the NES Mega Man games. While the gameplay is fairly good, the level design is flat and repetitive and the limited amount of attacks make the proceedings tedious rather quickly. Also lacks a two player mode, which you would think would be an obvious addition.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video