MEGA MAN 6 / Capcom / NES

Capcom was so out of ideas at this point that they hosted a contest in Nintendo Power for kids to mail in with robot designs, and they would select the best of the bunch to appear in Mega Man 6. Well, guess what happens when you have a bunch of suburban kids raised in the 1980s design robot masters for you - lol ethnic stereotypes! "Tomahawk Man"? "Flame Man" in Saudi Arabia with a stage filled with oil and wearing a giant turban? Jesus, why didn't you just call him "Sand N***** Man" and be done with it?

Anyway, that's neither here nor there. Mega Man 6 is another tepid outing of more-of-the-same, slightly inferior to the previous game simply in that the level design tends to be more of the annoying memorization-based style of Mega Man 4, and the music is pretty lame as well. The whole "Mr. X" concept for the main villain is also possibly the most stupid concept ever in a series that has never been afraid to go a little stupid.

That's it, man. Much like Capcom, I am half-assing this last entry just to be done with it all and cash in my Google Adsense pennies at the expense of vulnerable children.

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