MEGA MAN / Capcom / NES

Well the early Mega Man games for NES are certainly full of their share of good times, but this one not so much.

Yeah, Mega Man 2 was actually the one that really turned people on to Mega Man. This one has the same basic gameplay and isn't bad, but the difficulty level is what really kills it.

Yeah it's just way too hard to be much fun, unless you're into sadomasochistic exercises or something.

There's only six levels as opposed to the usual eight, and they're kind of short, but it's less likely you'll see the end of this one than you will the other ones, because most of each level consists of unforgiving jumping contests that punish any slip-up with instant death.

And then you have to re-tread these incredibly hard levels from the beginning to get back to where you made the mistake, and eventually it just gets too tedious to bother with.

If you make it to the end you are rewarded with one of the most insanely difficult bosses ever, the Rock Monster.

"Don't let his gingerbread look fool you - he's far from delicious!" I saw that in a Nintendo Power ... I think.

And the music in this one is a bit lower quality than the others, though it's done in the same style.

I thought this one had the best regular boss battle theme, but that's about it.

Anyway, I'd just hold my points for Mega Man 2, which should be out any time now.

Yeah! I'll hold my pants for Mega Man 2!

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