Can't figure out how to program realistic ball physics? "Uhh ... it's Lunar Pool! It's on the moon, see, that's why it's all slidey-like!" LOL FEC, whatever. I guess that's also the excuse for having all these wackily shaped tables which are basically the only way to extend the play value of what was shaping up to be an Atari 2600 caliber game. That's just how they roll, those crazy Mooninites.

So yeah, this is about as simplistic as games get. Pick one or two players, then pick from one of sixty tables. You aim the ball with the pad, there's a sliding power meter you stop by pressing the button, that's it. You have to sink a ball every three shots or it's game over for you. There's no structure to the game beyond that, you just keep playing tables and trying to rack up as high a score as you can I guess. Some rather irritating music loops continually in the background as you do this.

Could be some braindead fun for a couple of highly inebriated folks, but I really can't see any reason to pay money for this sort of thing.

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